Wal-Mart Money Card

The Wal-Mart Money Card is a prepaid Visa card. It is issued through GE Money Bank an FDIC insured bank with additional services provided through the Green Dot Corporation.


This card is available at local Wal-Mart retail locations. To purchase the card it will cost you $3.00. However this card will provide you with free direct deposit. This will help you to avoid paying the costly expense of check cashing fees!


Direct deposit is the most common method to deposit money, however you can also deposit cash at any Wal-Mart cash registers. Additionally you can use a greendot money pak at many popular retailers including: Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, 7-eleven,Rite-Aid... And you have the availability to deposit part or all of a check directly from a Wal-Mart register and lastly you can transfer money with an online bank transfer.


This card was created for individuals with a bad or no credit history. There is no credit check and approval is guaranteed as long as your identification can be verified (US Patriot Act). There is no chexsystems check.


Your card will be accepted online and over the phone. It will also be accepted at millions of locations nationwide and internationally! You can use your card to; rent a car, book travel accommodations, reserve a hotel room...


You will also be given access to online bill pay. This feature will allow you to send a payment for; rent, cable, utilities... in your name. In other words you will have access to an online check writing center!


This card works just like a bank card in that funds are deducted from your balance as you make purchases. And should you need cash you can stop at any of the millions of ATM's nationwide.


An additional benefit of this card is it makes tracking your spending a breeze. You can get free email and text alerts about account activity. You can also use your card to pay your bills and purchase gas at the pump.


You are given an extra layer of security with this card, especially over carrying cash. You card is covered under Visa's Zero Liability Policy. This means that if you ever lose your card or have it stolen your money is still protected.


There is no minimum balance, no overdraft fees, no over the limit fees and approval is guaranteed. To apply visit walmartmoneycard.com


Stop paying expensive check cashing fees and buying money orders. Instead save that money and put it towards any number of the other worthy causes we are confident you can find for it.


This card does carry some fees such as a $3 issuance fee - however this is waived if you apply online. Additionally you are charged a $2 fee for ATM transactions, and a $1 fee for an ATM balance inquiry.


Best of all you are only charged a $3 monthly maintenance fee. This is very competitive and one of the lowest monthly fees we have seen to date. And right now the Walmart Prepaid Card will give you a free $10 bonus when you sign up for free direct deposit.


The only drawback to this card is because it is a prepaid Visa and doesn't require you to make monthly payments it will not report to the credit bureaus. However you can still improve your payment history by paying your current bills on time and use this card temporarily until you have a better FICO score and can get approved for an unsecured credit card.

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