Vision Prepaid Card

The Vision Prepaid Card is Visa debit card. You will need to load money on your card before you can use it to make purchases.


Your card is a Visa and will work just like a major credit card. You can make purchases online, world-wide, and on the phone. Your card will be accepted to reserve a hotel room, purhase gas at the pum, rent a car, book airfare.... You can even earn 1% cash back on your gas purchases.


There is no credit check and your approval is guaranteed. You will never pay a late fee, interest fee, overdraft fee ... And you get free direct deposit and free bill pay.


Bill Pay


With the Vision Prepaid Debit Card you are given free online bill pay. This makes paying your bills as easy as logging on to a computer and pressing a couple clicks on the mouse.


To use this just log into your online account and go to the bill pay tab. Next you will need to provide the name of the business or person your want to pay, the date you want the payment sent, and the amount.


Next a real check will be sent. This can all be done from the comfort and convenience of your own home. And without the expense of buying money orders and stamps!


How To Load Money


Direct deposit is free and can be used for both payroll and government benefits checks. This will often give you access to your cash 48 hours sooner. You can also deposit your tax return!


You can also deposit cash on your card at locations all over the US including: Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Kroger, 7-Eleven, Western Union, MoneyGram, Longs ... You can use a greendot money pak or a Visa ReadyLynk. And you can use paypal to transfer money.


Your card is going to be covered by Visa's Zero Liability Policy which will protect you and keep your money safe in case your card is lost or used fraudulently.