ReadyDebit Prepaid Visa: Review

The ReadyDebit Prepaid Visa card is a good option to consider. This card offers free direct deposit. This typically saves the average consumer $312.64 annually on check cashing fees and purchasing money orders.


Additionally this is a real Visa Debit card. You can use your card to make purchases online, over the phone, pay bills, ... Your Visa card can also be used to rent a car, purchase airline tickets, book hotel accomodations, ... This will provide you the same purchasing power as anyone else!


This card also gives you acces to online bill pay for free. This is a service that you can use online. All you do is log into your account, fill out the person or company you want to pay, the amount you want to pay them, and the date to have them paid. Then a real check is sent in your name. This can be used to pay utilities, cable, electritic, rent, mortgage, ... You will never have to purchase another costly money order ever again!


Their are no overdraft fees or interest charges ever! There is no credit check or chexsystems verification. This card gives many people the purchasing power that our modern economy requires. Lately airlines require you to pay for checking a bag only through the use of a debit card or credit card, you almost always need a debit card or credit card to rent a car or reserve a hotel room.


Not to mention just the convenience of being able to buy something online and over the phone. Or the safety of a prepaid Visa card which is covered under the zero liability policy, which means you are not responsible for charges made if your card is lost or stolen.


There are countless examples of the necessity of having a major prepaid Visa card in todays economy. Additionally if you are in chexsystems and do not have a checking account this card will save you a bundle of money! You can say goodbye to the $3+ check cashing fees, and $1.50+ money order fees. I will never understand that one, why you have to pay more money just to  get a bill paid?


We have reviewed many prepaid debit cards and we find real value in the ReadyDebit prepaid Visa card. They offer the most convenient methods to load money onto your account including; Western Union, Money Gram, Green Dot MoneyPak, Card to Card transfer, PayPal, Ach Transfer, ... And you can use direct deposit to get a tax refund, SSI, Disability, Benefits, ...


You have the security of your money being protected by Visa's Zero Liability Policy. You can access cash at over 1 million ATM's. You are given free direct deposit, and free bill pay. And there is no credit check!


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