Public Savings Bank Secured Card

The Public Savings Bank Secured Credit Card is a tool that can be used to have new information sent to the credit bureaus. It will report monthly to all three major credit bureaus. This is a secured credit card and that means you must first open a savings account.


You will open this account and make an initial deposit between $200 - $3,000. This deposit is fully refundable and FDIC insured. Public Savings Bank is located outside of Philadelphia.


After you make this deposit you will then get a Visa card with a credit limit that equals the amount you deposited. For example; if you deposited $500 in this savings account then your Visa card would have a credit limit of $500.


You are still responsible for making monthly payments. Additionally you will be charged 14.25% APR. It will report monthly to all three major credit bureaus! One of the most effective methods at increasing a low credit score is to build new positive credit marks and a bad credit card is an excellent method to do this.


In fact to get the most benefit with your FICO score it is rumored that you should keep a balance on your card, so it looks like you do use your credit. But not to let your balance exceed 30% of the limit. For example if your limit was $1,000 you wouldn't want a balance to be higher than $300.


This is a real credit card and it will be accepted online and over the phone. The only person that will know it's secure is you!


Best of all there is no credit check - everyone is approved! If your suffering from a damaged credit score then take the first step and apply for the Public Savings Bank Card Today! Unfortunately this card has been withdrawn from the market instead we suggest the prepaid AccountNow Visa.


Public Savings Bank Credit Card - Click Here to Apply

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