Points Rewards Credit Cards

Credit Cards that provide rewards or points for your spending are only created for individuals with a good or excellent credit rating. These cards can give you both products and services and even cash back for your everyday purchases.


This is how it typically works:


You are awarded one point for every dollar you spend. Depending on which card you use they may offer double points for gas purchases or purchases made with certain retailers - for example.


If you spend $1,000 in the month of August then you will have 1000 points. One point averages about 0.01 or a penny. But if these are purchases you are going to make regardless and you can make sure you do not float a large balance - to avoid costly APR charges - you can really come out ahead with these cards!


Most reward cards do not have an annual fee - the exception being with American Express. We strongly endorse and recommend the American Express cards both personal and business! Just from first hand experience we have found they have superior customer service and redemming your reward points is a breeze!


There is often an introductory APR % of 0% for roughly 12months and a regular APR around 13%. If you can get approved for a points reward credit card you should not hesitate. Just make sure to use it responsibly and avoid paying interest fees and you can get a lot of goods, services, or even cash in return!