Orchard Bank Credit Card

The Orchard Bank Credit Card has a one of a kind application process that is geared towards providing you with a major credit card and the best card that you can qualify for.


First, this card will report to all three major credit bureaus every month. This can be very instrumental in building positive credit on your report!


This card is accepted at millions of locations world wide! You can use it online and over the phone. It is a real MasterCard and you will be responsible for making monthly payments and because your payment information is passed on to the major credit bureaus it can help rebuilding your credit report.


How Does the Application Process Work?


Orchard Bank has a unique application. You fill out required information (name, SSN, address ....) then on the next screen you will be shown what credit cards you have been approved for.


It could be unsecured meaning you are extended a card with a credit limit and are responsible to make payments. Or it could be a secured card. This just means you must first make a deposit in the amount of your choosing and then you are extened a card with a corresponding credit limit.


For example if you deposit $500 then your card will have a limit of $500. This deposit is FDIC insured and fully refundable provided you close your card on good terms or show enough positive payment history that the unsecured card is a better option. And keep in mind the secured offer is only given to you if you are not able to get the unsecured card.


You choose what you want if you qualify for both. Then you can design your card and you still have to accept and submit your application. If you don't qualify for the unsecured card then you still can quit the application process and not take a credit card.


However I must give you warning if you are not approved by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. the issuer of this card then your only other option for a credit card is a different secured card or a prepaid card. Which are viable options but your really chosing one bad situation for another bad situation.


If you have some mistakes and have some negative items on your credit report - that's ok! Your not alone! And you can turn your current financial situation around. Some of the wealthiest Americans also faced economic hard ship. Brief list including; Sam Walton (Wal-Mart), Walt Disney, Henry Ford, William Fox (Fox TV), Conrad Hilton (Hilton hotels and father to Paris Hilton), P. T. Barnum and the list goes on and on!


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