Non ChexSystem Banks | 2nd Chance Checking

If you are in ChexSystem then you are probably already aware of how difficult it is to get a checking account - next to impossible!!! Unfortunately this will remain the case for 5 long years from when the initial banking institution placed you in ChexSystems.


However this does not mean that you are condemened to a life of paying with cash, minimal purchasing power (cash), paying check cashing fees, or having to purchase money orders just to pay a bill! You do have options for a second chance checking account and they won't cost you an arm and a leg!


Instead we suggest you get a prepaid debit card. These cards work just like a 2nd chance checking account. Providing you with free direct deposit, free bill pay, and the purchasing power of a Visa prepaiid card. This means you can make purcahases online & over the phone.


Additionally this card saves the average consumer in Chexsystems $331.73 annually just on check cashing fees and purchasing money orders. You can get the prepaid AccountNow Gold Visa debit card and get a free $25 when you sign up for direct deposit and this card has $0 monthly fees!


While it can be possible to find a bank that will not use chexsystems there will be some extenuating circumstances. First of all they may try and sell you a secured credit card instead of a checking account. This card is secured by a deposit you make with the bank. For example they will give you a credit card with a credit limit of $500 if you make a deposit of $500. In other words the bank will give you a credit card with a limit equal to the amount of your deposit.


Another viable option if you have some very close friends or family members is to ask them for a big favor. If you friend of family member has been a long time customer of the bank, occassionally the bank will give you a conditional checking account. This simply means that if you overdraft your checking account it will be connected to your friend or family members account and any money that is overdrawn from your account will then be withdrawn from your friend of family members account to cover your overdraft.


Please, use caution if you choose this route. There is nothing more detrimental to relationships than owing someone money - especially when they stick their neck out on the line for you! However it is an option that you should be aware of!


And on a very rare occassion a bank may not check your chexsystems report. However this will usually be a very small local bank (if your lucky). Typcially you will be able to open a bank at any major bank but within a few days you will be notified that the bank is unable to give you a checking account because they have gotten the results of your chexsystems check and realized you have been placed in chexsystems. 

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