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The Netspend prepaid debit card is an excellent choice - they are one of the only prepaid cards that gives you a rewards program!  In other words you will earn points for all the purchases you make with your card and then can redeem these points for good and services! This card is issued as Visa card issued by Metabank.


There is no credit check, you are guaranteed approval. Your card will be accepted online and over the phone. You can use it to rent a car, rent a hotel room, purchase airfare ....You will also be given FREE DIRECT DEPOSIT! And you will never be charged a bounced check fee or overdraft fee!

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Net Spend Card -

How It Works


First you must deposit money on your card. This can be done through a variety of methods inculuding free direct deposit, Western Union, and a huge number of retail locations most commonly gas stations, and grocery stores. You can also transfer funds from one card to another & even online from a bank account of pay pal account.


Next you can use your card to make purchases. You can make purchases online, over the phone. This is a real Visa debit card and can be used to rent a car, reserve a hotel room, buy groceries, pay at the pump for gasoline, ... You can also use online bill pay to pay bills such as; car payment, electricy, rent, ... And should you need some cash, just stop by an ATM machine.


This card has no credit check and offers 100% approval. There is no minimum balance, no interest fees, and no interest charges ever. .


What Else?


Another great bonus with the prepaid netspend card is that you can be issued three additional cards for free. This way you provide financial assitance to an aging parent, friend or family.

Additionally Net Spend enables you to transfer money from your account to another for free. So if you have a teenager or young adult a great way to teach them financial responsibiltiy is to get them their own card and then you can provide them with the financial help you see fit - without the expense of wiring money or buying a money order.


You also get free online account tools to more easily manage your finances. And you can sign up for free email or text alerts (your phone provider will charge you standart text rates).


We do recommend the prepaid NetSpend Card.They are breaking new ground in the prepaid market by introducing a rewards program. Net Spend is an established leader in the prepaid industry.


You are guaranteed approval and will have the same purchasing power as everyone else because you will have a major Visa! There is no minimum balance, no overdraft fees, no late fees, no debt, no interest, and no check cashing fees becasue YOU GET FREE DIRECT DEPOSIT!


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Net Spend Card - - Netspend Card

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