Midland Credit Management - How To Get Them Off Your Credit!

The Midland Credit Management group is a collection agency. They are a subsidary of Encore Capital Group.


If you are hearing from them it is in regards to their attempt to collect a debt. There contacting you can be very troublesome as a collection agent is able to contact you: by phone, mail, they can even contact you at work.


However you can request them to stop contacting you all together regarding a debt. Additionally they are likely on your credit report - you need to take action to get them removed as they are negatively impacting your credit score.


You can contact Midland Credit at the following address:


Midland Credit Management

8875 Aero Drive
Suite 200
San Diego CA 92123

866 - 406 7565



Dont Just Pay!!!

Whatever you do, don't just pay them! Instead before you pay you should seek debt validation. This will require Midland Credit to prove they legally own your debt and have legal rights to collect on it.


You would be shocked to discover how many collection agencies will sell the legal rights on a debt but continue to try and seek payment. In other words they are trying to collect on a debt that they are not owed and breaking the law!


How To Get Midland Credit Off Your Credit Reports


If your account is verified and they do legally have a right to collect then you will have to negotiate a settlement. We suggest starting your offer at 40% of the total debt.


Often the balance they are trying to collect on is an inflated balance from years of high interest rates and they can even legally charge you fees for all the harrassing phone calls and written correspondence!


In exchange for your settlement you must get them to agree to stop reporting your account to the credit bureaus. This is a common occurence and they will agree right away.


This way when you file a dispute with the credit bureaus to get the item removed from your credit report it will not be verified when the bureaus contacts the collection agency. And therefore will have to be removed from your credit report.


The next step is writing a dispute letter to the credit bureaus and getting them to investigate the item. The trouble is getting them to investigate. The bureaus just spend money when they investigate disputes and thus have spent a lot of money in Washington to influence laws.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the law that gives you the right to dispute items on your credit. This law was passed to protect you the consumer from over aggressive debt collectors and the credit bureaus. However due to money and lobbyist now the bureaus must first deem your dispute valid before they investigate.


Often this is a long and difficult road. Simply because the bureaus just burn money that is otherwise profit and are thus resistant to do this. This is when many individuals turn to a credit repair service.