Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft is a growing industry in the United States. These criminals have countless methods of getting someones identity ranging from: stealing a wallet or purse, stealing mail, businesses have thier customer information stolen, telemarketing schemes, email schemes, and probably the most hurtful some individuals experience a loved one steal their identity.


This is no laughing matter. It can leave you in financial ruin, feeling hopless and violated. Or worse you could find yourself facing legal prosecution for crimes you did not committ.


How Can I Protect Myselt?


- Keep your personal information locked up and out of easy access - you never know who is living what sort of life. In other words sometimes people are victimized by the last one they expect.


- Be vigilant about your credit activity. You can do this with a credit monitoring service and it will alert you evertime you apply for new credit.


- Hire an indentity theft protection service. These services will ensure your identity is safeguarded and if it somehow slips by, many offer a million dollar guarantee. If something happens they are willing to spend up to $1 million dollars in lawyers, investigators, .... to fix it.


- Set a fraud alert with each bureau. You can do this by contacting all three and ask them to set a fraud alert on your credit file. This won't negatively impact your credit score or anything it just alerts the lender and they will take precautions to ensure you are in fact you.


Unfortunately this can happen to you. The FTC reported a $1.1 billion dollar loss contributed to identity fraud! This may be seen as a white collar crime and currently doesn't carry as stiff of a pentaly for the criminals as it often leaves the victim with. You can however protect yourself by hiring a reputable protection service.


If you have been the victim of identity theft and your credit has been left a mess, we hope you are taking action to fix it. You don't just have to live with bad credit on your report, especially if it is a result of fraud. We would recommend a credit law firm which can be hired at very affordable rates if this is your situation. For a free credit consultation call 1-800-483-0256.