GreenDot Prepaid Card

The GreenDot Prepaid Card is issued as a Visa or a MasterCard (you choose during the application process). This is a prepaid card which means before you are able to use it for purchases you must first deposit money on it.


This is a major Visa or MasterCard and will be accepted worldwide including; online and over the phone. You are given free direct deposit and if you apply online you get free activation! There is no credit check and right now you can even earn a $10 Bonus!

GreenDot Visa Card

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Where Is The Card Accepted?


You then can use your card to make purchases over the phone, online, and of course in person. Having a Visa or MasterCard will also increase your purchasing power because with our increasingly technology driven economy without a Visa or MasterCard you can't make the same purchases. The GreenDot Card can be used: to rent a car, book hotel accomodations, even just the convenience of being able to purchase your gas at the pump!


The GreenDot prepaid debit card will also give you free direct deposit. This feature will save you from paying those pesky $3 check cashing fees! You also have access to free online bill pay. To use this you log in online to your user interface and fill in the name of the business you want payed, the amount and presto... your bill is payed. And without having to purchase a money order!


Currently GreenDot is offering a promotion where they will give you a free $10 bonus if you use direct deposit. Additionally they are also giving you free activation! We have seen activation fees with other prepaid cards as high as $19.99.


There is no credit check or chexsystem check. Additionally GreenDot has partnered with MoneyPass and is providing you free ATM Access nationwide! The GreenDot Card is the first prepaid card we have seen with free ATM access.


While this free access is only at certain ATM's in my immediate area their are 30 ATM's listed within 15 miles of our business. To see what ATM's would be availiable to you in your area visit the link below and then you can search by a variety of methods of discover where you could use ATM locations in your area.


How To Deposit Money On Your Card


There are a number of methods to use - with direct deposit being the most common. You can direct deposit: paychecks, benefit checks, and even tax returns. You also get a free $10 bonus for using this.


The Money Pak is created by GreenDot for those that want to add cash to their card. You can use this at many popular retailers including: Walmart, Kroger, Rite Aid, K-Mart ... You can also transfer money from a bank account and visit a cash location such as: Western Union, MoneyGram, ACE Express ...


You may see this card available in the same retail stores however there is going to be a fee to purchase it. Additionally there will be an activation fee. If instead you choose to apply online you will not have to pay either of those fees! The reason is because the retailer is not involved and they can simply mail your card to you directly!


The GreenDot Prepaid Visa and MasterCard are an excellent choice. They have been in the prepaid industry since the ground floor and have continously improved their card and the benefits they give you.


We are HUGE fans of FREE ATM access - it truly makes this card - one of a kind. There is no credit check - free direct deposit and a free $10 bonus!


GreenDot Card - Prepaid Visa - click here to apply

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