First Premier Bank Credit Cards

The First Premier Bank Credit Card is an unsecured card MasterCard. In other words you will be extended a card with a credit limit on the promise that you will make monthly payments.


This card is designed for individuals with a bad credit score as it offers easy approval requirements. And if used responsibly you can build positive payment history just by paying your bill on time every month. It will report to all three major credit bureaus.


However there is a catch, you will need a checking account in order to be approved. Additionally you must make a security deposit of $95 on which point a card will be extended to you with a $300 limit.


This deposit is refundable provided you don't default on your payments. Additionally you will be eligible for periodic limit increases.


You will be given 24/7 online account access and 24/7 customer service. Your card will also be protected under a Zero Liability Policy which means that if you lose your card or it's stolen your money is still safe.


If you are suffering from a damaged credit score and need a tool to help you build some positive credit then we do suggest this card. However it may be worth your while to consider a prepaid card and remove the bad credit items on your report and then apply for a better card.


Due to the First Premier Bank Card being designed for those with blemishes on their credit report there are some upfront fees. The $95 security deposit, additionally you will have a $75 annual fee for the first year and $45 after that.


It used to be that only bad credit card carried annual fees - but we have seen a shift as fair credit and even some good credit cards now charge an annual fee.


If you use this card responsibly and build a trail of positive payment history and remove the negative items from your report you will be on the fast track to a 700 plus score! And the freedom and opportunity and good score will provide.