Direct Deposit Card - Prepaid Debit Card

Sick of paying expensive check cashing fees? Then you should get a prepaid debit card because it will give you free direct deposit. This saves the average consumer $143.67 annually.


It's as easy as 1,2,3 ... all you have to do is apply for a debit card and then log into your online account, print up a form to turn into your employer and your next check will directly be deposited into you account without any fees!


Your prepaid card is just like any Visa or MasterCard. It will be accepted online and over the phone. You can use it to; book travel accomodations, rent a car, book a hotel room, .... The only differnce is you will never have to pay any interest fees, overdraft fees, or over the limit fees. And there is no credit check or chexsystems check.


We enthusiastically suggest the AccountNow Gold Prepaid Visa Card. They are currently offering a free $25 just for signing up to use free direct deposit. Additionally with this card you get free bill pay.


Bill pay is a free service that will make payments for you. All you have to do is log in online and fill in the information of a business or individual the amount you want to pay them and the date you want them payed. Then a real check in your name will be sent. This is a convenient way to pay your bills; rent, electricity, phone, water, cable, car, ...


This is bill pay service is free and will save you a bundle of money on purchasing money orders. The average consumer saves $124.44 annually on money orders. If you use free direct deposit and free bill pay you can potentially save $268.11 every single year! I'm sure you can find a more worthy cause for that money than to pay it in fees!


Additionally with this card there is no minimum balance. Your money is protected under Visa's Zero Liability Policy which means if you ever lose your card or it is stolen your money is still protected. Best of all you get a free $25 just for signing up for free direct deposit and you can say goodbye to ever having to pay a check cashing fee or purchase a money order ever again!

AccountNow Visa - Click Here to Apply

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