Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

Looking for a credit card and you have an excellent FICO score? You are in the driver's seat because all the card issuers want you to have their card, obviously you will be able to get approved for a reward or points earning card.


You should have a 700 or better FICO score and should breeze past the approval requirements. These types of offers will give you points or rewards which are redeemable for travel, purchases, dinning, and cash back.


You will not face an annual fee and will be given a promotional introductory interest rate of 0%. You will get this rate from 6-12 months at which you point your rate will increase, it should be no higher than 13%.


You will also be given the opportunity to transfer a balance from an existing credit card account to this one with a 0% APR for about 6-12 months. All the major issuers want you to have their card; Discover, American Express, Chase, Citi, Capital One ...


Take advantage of your strong credit score and make sure to find the right card for your purchases. If possible take a look at your current spending habits and see where most of your credit card purchases are occurring. Is it traveling, dinning out, groceries ...


Additionally what is important to you in a card? Is your main concern earning points because an American Express card has one of the most popular and user friendly reward programs, however this card is not ideal to carry a balance on.


If you want to transfer a balance from a high interest rate card then the introductory rate on a balance transfer needs to be your priority. Further, many of these cards have promotional point earning purchases. For example; you may earn double points for your gas purchases or grocery purchases.


This is why it is important to figure out where your credit card purchases are being made. And it's equally important to decide how you want to redeem your points, as the programs will vary.


In sum due to your excellent credit score you have the best bargaining chip and will have credit card issuers beating a path to your door. Take your time and make sure you find the right card for you spending habits.