Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are essential for every business. In order to operate and stimulate our economy, businesses must have access to a line of credit!


When it comes to approval requirements your business must either have a credit file otherwise the owner typically seen more often with small business owners your personal credit file will be checked.


Unfortunately getting a line of credit for your business has been severely altered due to the economic crisis. Lenders have made approval requirements much more stringent and the amount of credit being extended has been radically reduced.


With that said there are still options and you can still get credit for your business. We encourage you to first look into a rewards business card. This will give you cash back or provide you with points for every dollar you spend with the card.


Cash back is always nice and some cards will provide cash back for gasoline purchases. These cards would obviously be ideal for business that require a lot of automobile travel.


Other cards that provide points will enable you to redeem these points for cash back or for airline tickets and hotel accomodations - which is ideal for businesses that require traveling to trade shows and conventions and ...


Whatever choice you make ensure that you have done your proper homework so you can get the most benefit from the purchases and money you spend!