AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card

The AccountNow Prepaid Visa card. Is one of the best prepaid offers available. They give you free direct deposit and free bill pay. There is no activation fee and you will never be charged an overdraft or bounced check fee.


Using free direct deposit and free bill pay the average card holder will save $294.63 every year. They will no longer be squandering hard earned money on expensive check cashing fees and buying money orders. How nice would it feel to have an extra $300 in your pocket today?


You also get a free $25 Bonus added to your card just to sign up and use direct deposit - this is free and will give you access to your cash much quicker. We have heard up to 48 hours faster. You can deposit benefit checks, payroll checks and even your tax return.


This is a real Visa card and can be used for purchases online and over the phone. You will never be charged a late fee, overdraft fee, or bounced check fee. And there is no credit check - you are guaranteed approval!


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Free $25 Bonus -


How Free Online Bill Pay Works


When you need to pay a bill for example your rent. Just log into your online account and go to the bill payment section. Next you input the name of the business or your landlord, the amount of your rent, and the day you want the payment sent for your rent. And YOUR FINISHED!


Now 100% free of charge - no money order fee not even a fee for a stamp - a check in your name will be sent. You can schedule future payments, monthly payments, and of course a one time payment. This can all be done  from home or anywhere with internet access and in the comfort of your underpants (if you want).We have seen other prepaid cards charge up to $1.00 every time you use this.


This is a real Visa card and is accepted worldwide. You can use it to make online purchases, buy gas at the pump, book airfare, make travel accommodations, rent a car ... There in no credit check or chexsystesm verification and you are guaranteed 100% approval.


Your money and card will also be covered under Visa's Zero Liability Policy. This means if your card is lost or stolen - knock on wood - you money will still be protected, safe and secure!


And when you need cash you can use this card at over 1 million ATM's worldwide. AccountNow encourages you to avoid ATM fees and request cash back at retail stores as this is free.


Best of all the AccountNow Gold Card comes with no activation fee, no minimum balance, no overdraft fees, and no bouned check fees! And your guaranteed approval - no credit check or chexsystems check!


And you get free direct deposit and free online bill pay and a free $25 Bonus!

Click Here to Apply AccountNow Gold Prepaid Visa

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